Animation created for Manchester `city to celebrate their title winning season.

I've created animated content for top sports teams and organisations that are shared on social media to their millions of followers. Often designed to be reactive, the content requires quick turnarounds to capture recent sporting highlights in a beautiful way. 
Clients include: UEFA Champions League, Man City, Liverpool FC, NBA, Harlequins, Rangers, World Rugby etc.
A big shout out goes to Mike at Visually Speaking who I've worked with on many of these project.  

Alex Dombrandt new contract reveal for Harlequins

Welsh try highlight for World Rugby

Animation for Lewy's 200th Bundesliga goal

England VS Ireland Legends promo for Harlequins

Nice loop for the official NBA Insta

Remembering David Cooper for Rangers

I worked together with Christian Wood to create a series of light hearted animations commission by Unscripted Sports. These vibrant animations accompanied the interviewers of footballers recounting their childhood tales.  
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